Monday, January 4, 2016



Emo post up ahead and this is a ranting post.

Lots of people kept asking me why I did not change my wallet even though it looks really broken and with those wear and tear, nobody would want to pick it up even though found on the street (well, literately..)

Yes. I have been using it for like 5 years but I still reluctant to change it even though it looks really sad. Is it because I believed in FengShui that this wallet can bring me great fortune, you might ask. Nope although this wallet has been good to me for all these while but that is not the reason I reluctant to replace it and believe me a broken wallet would not bring wealth or fortune to you in FengShui but it might have negative impact on you. Well, it is all because it was a gift from someone.

I always wished to get a new one as a gift, especially a wallet can said to be the closet accessory you would have as it follows you to everywhere you go. That is the reason why I don't.

But one year has gone, second years and now coming to the fourth year. Well, the wish has not been granted, as you can tell from the beginning of the post.

Today, as the beginning of a brand new year of 2016. I decided not to wait anymore longer. I am now, in-charge for my own feeling again starting today. I wish.

you have been serving me well, but it is the time we took apart

What needs to be ended, have to be.

~ vincent90


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Michael Nieto said...

Wow man, that is so interesting. I've had my wallet for over eight years maybe more haha. I dont know why I have had it for so long, even though it is all torn and has wear on it, I still love it. I don't know you, but I really enjoyed your post, and you seem like a cool guy, also the music is on point!

amira reda said...

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