Thursday, October 3, 2013

Silent night..

It has been sometimes since i last blog with English.  Haha.. may be i have already used to speak and type in mandarin i guess..

Tonight is a silent night.. ya.. kind of down and moody.. i knew it quite well this thing could happen.. but when it came.. i think.. im not that well prepared as i though..

To be honest.. I started to get confused.. or to be more accurate.. doubt that honesty is the best pratice in maintaining a relationship with other..

I dunno why.. but somehow i really do feel sad about that.. this is not the way it supposed to be.. for being so close.. yet so far..

I kind of hate this feeling.. it does not feels good at all.. my logic told me that it is time for me to get myself out before sink deeper into this..

Shall I.. I dunno..