Friday, November 16, 2012

How fast do you walk?

It is the second public holiday within a week.. and guess what.. the public holidays fall on Tuesday and Thursday.. which simply means that my working days on this week was on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.. and it sucks! make me totally no mood to work on Monday and Wednesday.. regret for not taking leave.. but think about it.. i have no place to go as i don't wanna waste my holiday stay at home.. =/ initially planned for Sarawak trip last time.. but no respond from my friends.. so forget about it..

Hmm.. so what i did to spend my day? hehe.. i did go for some shopping.. went to Dataran Pahlawan and Hatten Square this afternoon.. was looking for some shorts since it has been a while since the last time i bought new shorts.. yes i do shop alone sometimes.. to be honest.. i don't really like to shop in a gang.. as sometimes the more people you go with.. the more opinion/disagreement you will received.. Thou it is good to have someone to give opinion sometimes..

As for me.. sometimes i tend not buying the one i liked the most because of disagreement from the gang.. but i do appreciate for opinion given but not too much voices.. that's why i still prefer to shop alone or in pair.. it is good to have someone to accompany you and give opinion when you need it thou..

So back to the topic.. today when i was walking around hunting for my shorts and shirt.. i noticed something change in myself.. i tend to walk slower and observe things that i never noticed during the past.. it remind me during the past my ex always complained that i walked too fast and she has a hard time to catch up with my pace.. haha.. it is because for most of the time when i go for shopping or when be in the mall we have a clear destination/shop to go with.. so i will just heading straight to the shop or destination without keeping an eyes on what i have passed by.. easy and simple.. like going straight to Padini for shirt without knowing what is the shop besides Padini.. going for Cinema without knowing what are the shops around the Cinema and so on..

may be it is all about my lifestyle.. we are living in a life that everything is in a fast pace.. everything we do, everything we want.. we hope it will be ASAP.. as soon as possible.. like when you are queuing up to make order/payment.. or the even when you are waiting for the foods to serve..and of course.. work allocated to you by the boss..always want to have thing to be done ASAP.. that makes me tend to have quicker pace in everything i did.. i walked in a fast pace.. i drive fast.. i eat fast.. i read fast.. i think everything i do i done it fast except for waking up from my bed.. i think that is the only thing i reluctant to do it fast.. haha..

so i told myself to have a try.. try to observe the surrounding with a slower pace.. as today will be a free day for me.. and yeap.. it have been a different feel.. something that we seldom or didn't notice normally.. but it is still impossible for me to do that all the time as my career is consider a fast pace career with need a faster step up ahead.. minute count! so may be i can only enjoy like that during Holiday or when i retire.. hmm.. but when it is not rushing i will try to walk slower.. observe and enjoy the surrounding, change or any particular thing that doesn't catch your attention but it is interesting..

do you remember how many steps it took to reach first floor in your house.. i guess you don't.. haha.. even myself also doesn't know..

so tell me.. how fast do you walk? =]

p.s. so sad that i feel like i am getting older because i have this though during this afternoon shopping.. haha.. but keep on remind myself i am only 22 this year.. not old not old.. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Truth That You Leave..





经历.. 到后来的相恋..
那天.. 那年.. 
有平淡的.. 也有刻骨铭心的..
有开心的.. 也有一起哭过的..




整体而言呢.. 这首歌带给我的是怀念的感觉..

又会否.. 勾起了那些回忆呢?

要学会接受.. 有些回忆.. 只能保留.. 因为已经不会从来..

希望你也会喜欢.. =)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My wishlist!!

It is November now and year end is coming.. which means that.. I should start to plan for my wishlist next year.. hmm.. let see what i achieved my wishlist for this year..

Year 2012
1. New DSLR √ yeah got my Nikon 5100 in February.. hehe..
2. Ipad  Initially i was buying the new Ipad last 2 weeks but who know Apple annouced new Ipad.. so.. haha..
3. New car Haiz.. when only can I get my Prius C... 
4. Taiwan Trip Hmm.. this one is my biggest mistake of the year for booking the air fare..waste my money.. tsk tsk..
5. Sarawak/Sabah Trip why nobody wanna go East Malaysia geh.. i felt no bad arh my last Sarawak trip T.T
6. Join Famine 30 I can't join because of work!! was outstation on that day!!
7. Register for ACCA Err.. this is purely because of my laziness.. haha..

Well, it seems like i only managed to achieve 1 out of 7 in year 2012.. what a bad year for me.. it is like scoring 14% out of 100%.. my god.. fail!!

nono.. i can't let it happen again in year 2013.. so in 2013.. what should be my wishlist neh?

Let's see..

1. Ipad Definately getting the Ipad with Retina Display after it launched in Malaysia
2. New Car my Prius C.. i am coming!
3. Krabi Trip Instead of Taiwan, I wanna go Krabi next year!
4. Sarawak/Sabah Trip still intended to go again.. haha.. somebody please?
5. Join Famine 30 hopefully next year I really can join.. apply leave earlier.. hehe..
6. Register for ACCA should be able to get it done in 2013
7. Pulau Redang Airfare booked! going on July.. hehe..
8. Get fit and slim down This seems so hard.. lolx..
9. Legoland! As a Johorian, how can i miss out the tourist spot in my own place? haha..

Hmm.. have 8 wishes set for now first.. might be adding some again in December.. haha..

Feels like watching movie or go sing k as it has been some time since the last time i stepped into cinema or K room.. but it seems like my friend are busy busy busy.. last week it was the second time I have been staying at my KL house for the whole weekend as nobody is free for a hang out.. weird huh..

my colleague suggest me to watch movie alone.. a  it would be another kind of experience.. err.. sorry but i still unable to accept it.. lolx.. but to be honest i have miss out a lot of movies i wanna watch this year.. for example Pirates in Caribbean 4, Man in Black 3,  Journey 2, John Carter, Kepong Gangster and many more.. i used to be watching at least one movie in a month.. but that was past.. =/

Oh ya.. I wanna watch Ted!! who is on? haha..
So adorable right?

It was a comedy and heard from my friend the movie contain a lot of rude words.. but who cares.. i need some laugh to light up.. hehe..

p.s. added item 9 in my wishlist.. how could i being a Johorian never though about the new tourist spot in my own place.. ok.. who is on again? haha..

Oh ya.. I just change the background song for my blog.. hehe.. it's Bruno Mars's Locked Out of Heaven.. yeah I felt like I have been locked out of heaven for too long..


Thursday, November 1, 2012


不知是不是最近听多了曲婉婷的"我的歌声里".. 昨晚的你竟然出现在我的梦境里.. 是日有所思夜有所梦吗? hmm.. 感觉不是.. 不知为何.. 没得解释..

回想过去.. 不知不觉已经过了大半年了.. 一个人的我好像还是没什么改变.. 做着同样的事.. 偶尔重重复复地听着同样的歌.. 最近的时间都好像过的很快.. 不知不觉已经来到了十一月..

十一月.. 意味着我在Audit的日子也到了11个月.. 过了这个月就是一周年啦.. 想想看这十一个月里有些什么经历呢? hmm.. 11个月.. 说起来不是很长.. 但感觉上却好像经历了很多东西.. 最大的感触应该是接触到更多的人, 看到更多的行业了吧.. 毕竟我们这份工作会要面对很多不同的人.. 不同的行业.. 看到的学到的东西可以说是比一般工作来的多吧.. 这就是Audit给的工作经验吧..

在来就是这期间体会到了人生中第一次升级了.. 虽然升级好像没什么大不了.. 但这次是我在职场上的第一次升级.. 还是蛮有感触的.. 毕竟玩游戏时升级升得多.. 职场上却是第一次.. 游戏里的升级.. 大多数代表更强.. 更厉害.. 就好像读书这样.. 越高级学的东西越多.. 但职场上也是一样吗? 不.. 完全不一样.. 职场上的升级意味着责任更加的重大.. 做事的速度要更快 (在我们Audit line 职位越高 charge out rate 也越高, 所以做事要更快些).. 必须自己去面对Partner的好像火星文那样难理解的review point和queries.. 等等的挑战.. 但相信这些挑战我都会一一击倒.. 兵来将挡.. 水来土掩.. 只是遗憾没有你分享我的感动..

遗憾没有你分享我的感动.. 所以下一个要说的经历就是感情上的挫折.. 说起来.. 你就好像"我的歌声里"所唱的"在我不知不觉中悄悄的消失".. 当初有些难以接受这事实的原因是一切对我来说都发生的太突然了.. 毕竟一直以来都好好地我们竟然也会走到了尽头.. 回想起来.. 罗马不是一天建成的.. 我们的问题也不是一朝一夕酿成的.. 毕竟毕业后的我离开了我们读书的地方.. 一个在南部一个在北部.. 虽说我基本上一个月会上去一次.. 但距离的杀伤力还真的不容小看.. 只是大刺刺的我没有发现在你心里慢慢形成的裂痕.. 想起来我们在一起的两年多里.. 吵架的次数不用一只手都算得完.. 吵"大架"的次数更是零(如果我没记错的话).. 但或许这就是我们会失败的原因之一.. 就是很多事都喜欢憋在心里.. 当然.. 距离.. 也是原因之一.. 或许今后的我不会再相信距离了..

期待着.. 下一个会让我有肩并肩一起走过那段繁华巷口.. 尽管你我是陌生人.. 是过路人.. 但彼此还是感觉到了对方的一个眼神.. 一个心跳的感觉..

十一月.. 你又有什么期望呢?