Friday, November 16, 2012

How fast do you walk?

It is the second public holiday within a week.. and guess what.. the public holidays fall on Tuesday and Thursday.. which simply means that my working days on this week was on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.. and it sucks! make me totally no mood to work on Monday and Wednesday.. regret for not taking leave.. but think about it.. i have no place to go as i don't wanna waste my holiday stay at home.. =/ initially planned for Sarawak trip last time.. but no respond from my friends.. so forget about it..

Hmm.. so what i did to spend my day? hehe.. i did go for some shopping.. went to Dataran Pahlawan and Hatten Square this afternoon.. was looking for some shorts since it has been a while since the last time i bought new shorts.. yes i do shop alone sometimes.. to be honest.. i don't really like to shop in a gang.. as sometimes the more people you go with.. the more opinion/disagreement you will received.. Thou it is good to have someone to give opinion sometimes..

As for me.. sometimes i tend not buying the one i liked the most because of disagreement from the gang.. but i do appreciate for opinion given but not too much voices.. that's why i still prefer to shop alone or in pair.. it is good to have someone to accompany you and give opinion when you need it thou..

So back to the topic.. today when i was walking around hunting for my shorts and shirt.. i noticed something change in myself.. i tend to walk slower and observe things that i never noticed during the past.. it remind me during the past my ex always complained that i walked too fast and she has a hard time to catch up with my pace.. haha.. it is because for most of the time when i go for shopping or when be in the mall we have a clear destination/shop to go with.. so i will just heading straight to the shop or destination without keeping an eyes on what i have passed by.. easy and simple.. like going straight to Padini for shirt without knowing what is the shop besides Padini.. going for Cinema without knowing what are the shops around the Cinema and so on..

may be it is all about my lifestyle.. we are living in a life that everything is in a fast pace.. everything we do, everything we want.. we hope it will be ASAP.. as soon as possible.. like when you are queuing up to make order/payment.. or the even when you are waiting for the foods to serve..and of course.. work allocated to you by the boss..always want to have thing to be done ASAP.. that makes me tend to have quicker pace in everything i did.. i walked in a fast pace.. i drive fast.. i eat fast.. i read fast.. i think everything i do i done it fast except for waking up from my bed.. i think that is the only thing i reluctant to do it fast.. haha..

so i told myself to have a try.. try to observe the surrounding with a slower pace.. as today will be a free day for me.. and yeap.. it have been a different feel.. something that we seldom or didn't notice normally.. but it is still impossible for me to do that all the time as my career is consider a fast pace career with need a faster step up ahead.. minute count! so may be i can only enjoy like that during Holiday or when i retire.. hmm.. but when it is not rushing i will try to walk slower.. observe and enjoy the surrounding, change or any particular thing that doesn't catch your attention but it is interesting..

do you remember how many steps it took to reach first floor in your house.. i guess you don't.. haha.. even myself also doesn't know..

so tell me.. how fast do you walk? =]

p.s. so sad that i feel like i am getting older because i have this though during this afternoon shopping.. haha.. but keep on remind myself i am only 22 this year.. not old not old.. 

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