Saturday, November 3, 2012

My wishlist!!

It is November now and year end is coming.. which means that.. I should start to plan for my wishlist next year.. hmm.. let see what i achieved my wishlist for this year..

Year 2012
1. New DSLR √ yeah got my Nikon 5100 in February.. hehe..
2. Ipad  Initially i was buying the new Ipad last 2 weeks but who know Apple annouced new Ipad.. so.. haha..
3. New car Haiz.. when only can I get my Prius C... 
4. Taiwan Trip Hmm.. this one is my biggest mistake of the year for booking the air fare..waste my money.. tsk tsk..
5. Sarawak/Sabah Trip why nobody wanna go East Malaysia geh.. i felt no bad arh my last Sarawak trip T.T
6. Join Famine 30 I can't join because of work!! was outstation on that day!!
7. Register for ACCA Err.. this is purely because of my laziness.. haha..

Well, it seems like i only managed to achieve 1 out of 7 in year 2012.. what a bad year for me.. it is like scoring 14% out of 100%.. my god.. fail!!

nono.. i can't let it happen again in year 2013.. so in 2013.. what should be my wishlist neh?

Let's see..

1. Ipad Definately getting the Ipad with Retina Display after it launched in Malaysia
2. New Car my Prius C.. i am coming!
3. Krabi Trip Instead of Taiwan, I wanna go Krabi next year!
4. Sarawak/Sabah Trip still intended to go again.. haha.. somebody please?
5. Join Famine 30 hopefully next year I really can join.. apply leave earlier.. hehe..
6. Register for ACCA should be able to get it done in 2013
7. Pulau Redang Airfare booked! going on July.. hehe..
8. Get fit and slim down This seems so hard.. lolx..
9. Legoland! As a Johorian, how can i miss out the tourist spot in my own place? haha..

Hmm.. have 8 wishes set for now first.. might be adding some again in December.. haha..

Feels like watching movie or go sing k as it has been some time since the last time i stepped into cinema or K room.. but it seems like my friend are busy busy busy.. last week it was the second time I have been staying at my KL house for the whole weekend as nobody is free for a hang out.. weird huh..

my colleague suggest me to watch movie alone.. a  it would be another kind of experience.. err.. sorry but i still unable to accept it.. lolx.. but to be honest i have miss out a lot of movies i wanna watch this year.. for example Pirates in Caribbean 4, Man in Black 3,  Journey 2, John Carter, Kepong Gangster and many more.. i used to be watching at least one movie in a month.. but that was past.. =/

Oh ya.. I wanna watch Ted!! who is on? haha..
So adorable right?

It was a comedy and heard from my friend the movie contain a lot of rude words.. but who cares.. i need some laugh to light up.. hehe..

p.s. added item 9 in my wishlist.. how could i being a Johorian never though about the new tourist spot in my own place.. ok.. who is on again? haha..

Oh ya.. I just change the background song for my blog.. hehe.. it's Bruno Mars's Locked Out of Heaven.. yeah I felt like I have been locked out of heaven for too long..


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