Monday, February 28, 2011

My wonder.. My ponder.. part 7

我不是什么哲学家.. 不懂得那些做人的大道理.. 或者说什么人生哲学.. 对我而言.. 人的思想往往都是会被身边发生的事情或者接触的人所影响.. 而且在不同的时间会有不同的想法.. 或许人们常说女生都是善变的.. 但我觉得这就是人的本性吧.. 跟性别没什么关系..

或许我是个蛮感性的人吧.. 常常会想很多很多有的没得.. 但我相信这就是人生.. 每一件发生的事情都会对现在的思想有影响.. 不论是好的还是不好的.. 所以有时我会选择平常心去看待..

古人说.. 成功不是偶然的.. 但我却说失败不是偶然的.. 有时候失败获得的.. 会比成功来得多.. 好比一个常胜将军.. 赢过无数的战役.. 不懂得失败是什么滋味.. 但第一次被打败后就一挫不起.. 相反的有人一开始打败仗.. 但吸取经验后改过自己的缺点.. 并迈向成功.. 相比下.. 那个的收获比较多??

所以我觉得有时候失败反而会让我获得更多.. 以前我会觉得失败很丢脸.. 但现在我只会依平常心去看待.. 因为我知道.. 在十年后当我回头看时.. 会发现还是这样走过了.. 的确是要经历过才知道..

Saturday, February 26, 2011

of VIVA presentation 25/2/2011

Today was the day..! all the hard work in this one year lead us to today.. haha.. sounds likes im overstated that.. but its true.. because today was the VIVA presentation for our research..! which has conducted since last year.. hehe..

so.. this is what we all did before the VIVA start.. =.=

Of course have to iron shirt first la.. lolx..

So once finish the ironing work.. we proceed to.. ta dang!!

 The presenters!!


The examiners.. (Miss Theresa at left and Ms Low at the right)

 Introducing the first presenter.. Mr Liew!! lolx

Second presenter.. Ms Ng...!

The third presenter.. Ms Hee..!

 Followed by Ms. Tang!!

 While waiting for my turn.. this photo is took.. and then only i realized OMG i look so damn fat..! haha.. time to have some plan over it.. =(

 And the last presenter and also terminator.. Me!! =P

and lastly.. Group photo..! hehe..

was quite satisfied with our performance.. no major critiques or questions from both examiner.. and i think we have performing quite well.. haha.. give a clap to all ourself.. *clap clap clap* =P

thanks to all my fellow groupmates, Song, Vic, Zhen, Qiu Ping for all the effort that we put in this research.. and also.. of course special thanks to my little gal yan yee for spending time with us taking photo and support support us.. hehe.. love you lots.. xD

gonna sleep soon ler.. having 2 replacement class tomorrow (or later to be more accurately).. so damn boring er... saturday still have to attend class.. T.T


Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm back..!

Phiew.. it has been a long time since i last visited my own dusty blog.. hmm.. seriously thinking about closing this blog.. haha.. anywhere.. it has been almost a year since my last post.. gosh..!

life was still err.. not so bad.. haha.. this the last trimester of my university life as i am definitely wouldn't further my study.. so hopefully this is my last trimester in UTAR.. choi choi choi.. sounds like im gonna fail for this trimester.. *touch wood*

busy life.. as always.. hehe.. have VIVA (final year project presentation) on this coming Friday.. and then unlimited assignments waiting ahead.. =( however.. im quite enjoy the life as a final year student.. the final year life is not that tough as what i thought at first.. it was just like normal campus life as well.. hehe..

Chinese New Year has just passed.. but can't really enjoy the holiday because i have to come back to Kampar on Saturday which is the third day of Chinese New Year.. T.T i still don't satisfied with the amount of my ang pao..! haha.. anywhere.. celebrated my second valentine day with my silly yan yee.. not that perfect as both of us having class on that day.. and also i use the wrong "strategy" to create surprise.. and things are not going as what i have though.. again.. =.= but never mind.. the next day was quite good as its holiday again and we went for celebration in Ipoh.. hehe.. but sadly no photos will be uploaded.. =P

have a nice movie and dinner last Saturday with yan yee, keat ming, wei ying, sze yi, vicky and zhen.. hehe.. went to "dong gu teng" around Ipoh Garden there as they miss the seafood there a lot.. haha.. but before there we watch the Mr and Mrs Incredible in TGV Jusco.. hmm.. this is the second movie that i watch in that week.. lolx.. quite enjoy the time because it has been a long time i went out to cinema with a gang of friends.. hehe.. =) movie was nice.. and the thing i happy most is that they all enjoyed the meal and gossiping also.. (of course) very much.. hehe..

will try to update more frequent as i wish to persevere in the motive that i first starting to write this blog.. and wish me good luck for coming VIVA ba.. hehe..