Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello, 2013

Today is the last day for the year 2012.. meaning to say after today it would be a whole new year!

before that.. wondering where have i gone for this month? haha.. yeap i was like disappear for almost one whole month.. no update, no new post, no reading and comment.. ya.. i has been a busy month for me.. outstation, work and travelling.. these has been occupied my time for 1 whole month.. hehe.. but most of the time i was just lazy to on..

so back to the topic.. looking back to this year.. what do you think about this year? as for me.. it was just a so so year for me.. sometimes.. i do really wonder can we achieve both in career and relationship.. as for me.. the career this year was good.. but relationship was just bad..

I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us.. but it seems like just doesn't work.. never mind.. what happened were histories.. learned from past.. the word history made up of "his" and story".. so it is his story now.. someday.. i will make my story.. and it would not become history again.. hehe..

2013.. i hope you will be good to me.. although i still need to work on 1 January.. haha.. working in the first day of the year.. is it indicate that this would be a busy working year for me? haha.. i hope not..

it is time to say good bye to 2012 and hello 2013! please be good to me.. haha.. let me accomplished all my wish list for the year! haha..

arh.. should i ask her out for new year count down? hmm.. let see how destiny arrange for me.. haha..

~ vincent

p.s. mixpod has closed their server due to resource limitation.. hmm.. any other embed music player to introduce to me? hehe..

Friday, November 16, 2012

How fast do you walk?

It is the second public holiday within a week.. and guess what.. the public holidays fall on Tuesday and Thursday.. which simply means that my working days on this week was on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.. and it sucks! make me totally no mood to work on Monday and Wednesday.. regret for not taking leave.. but think about it.. i have no place to go as i don't wanna waste my holiday stay at home.. =/ initially planned for Sarawak trip last time.. but no respond from my friends.. so forget about it..

Hmm.. so what i did to spend my day? hehe.. i did go for some shopping.. went to Dataran Pahlawan and Hatten Square this afternoon.. was looking for some shorts since it has been a while since the last time i bought new shorts.. yes i do shop alone sometimes.. to be honest.. i don't really like to shop in a gang.. as sometimes the more people you go with.. the more opinion/disagreement you will received.. Thou it is good to have someone to give opinion sometimes..

As for me.. sometimes i tend not buying the one i liked the most because of disagreement from the gang.. but i do appreciate for opinion given but not too much voices.. that's why i still prefer to shop alone or in pair.. it is good to have someone to accompany you and give opinion when you need it thou..

So back to the topic.. today when i was walking around hunting for my shorts and shirt.. i noticed something change in myself.. i tend to walk slower and observe things that i never noticed during the past.. it remind me during the past my ex always complained that i walked too fast and she has a hard time to catch up with my pace.. haha.. it is because for most of the time when i go for shopping or when be in the mall we have a clear destination/shop to go with.. so i will just heading straight to the shop or destination without keeping an eyes on what i have passed by.. easy and simple.. like going straight to Padini for shirt without knowing what is the shop besides Padini.. going for Cinema without knowing what are the shops around the Cinema and so on..

may be it is all about my lifestyle.. we are living in a life that everything is in a fast pace.. everything we do, everything we want.. we hope it will be ASAP.. as soon as possible.. like when you are queuing up to make order/payment.. or the even when you are waiting for the foods to serve..and of course.. work allocated to you by the boss..always want to have thing to be done ASAP.. that makes me tend to have quicker pace in everything i did.. i walked in a fast pace.. i drive fast.. i eat fast.. i read fast.. i think everything i do i done it fast except for waking up from my bed.. i think that is the only thing i reluctant to do it fast.. haha..

so i told myself to have a try.. try to observe the surrounding with a slower pace.. as today will be a free day for me.. and yeap.. it have been a different feel.. something that we seldom or didn't notice normally.. but it is still impossible for me to do that all the time as my career is consider a fast pace career with need a faster step up ahead.. minute count! so may be i can only enjoy like that during Holiday or when i retire.. hmm.. but when it is not rushing i will try to walk slower.. observe and enjoy the surrounding, change or any particular thing that doesn't catch your attention but it is interesting..

do you remember how many steps it took to reach first floor in your house.. i guess you don't.. haha.. even myself also doesn't know..

so tell me.. how fast do you walk? =]

p.s. so sad that i feel like i am getting older because i have this though during this afternoon shopping.. haha.. but keep on remind myself i am only 22 this year.. not old not old.. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Truth That You Leave..





经历.. 到后来的相恋..
那天.. 那年.. 
有平淡的.. 也有刻骨铭心的..
有开心的.. 也有一起哭过的..




整体而言呢.. 这首歌带给我的是怀念的感觉..

又会否.. 勾起了那些回忆呢?

要学会接受.. 有些回忆.. 只能保留.. 因为已经不会从来..

希望你也会喜欢.. =)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My wishlist!!

It is November now and year end is coming.. which means that.. I should start to plan for my wishlist next year.. hmm.. let see what i achieved my wishlist for this year..

Year 2012
1. New DSLR √ yeah got my Nikon 5100 in February.. hehe..
2. Ipad  Initially i was buying the new Ipad last 2 weeks but who know Apple annouced new Ipad.. so.. haha..
3. New car Haiz.. when only can I get my Prius C... 
4. Taiwan Trip Hmm.. this one is my biggest mistake of the year for booking the air fare..waste my money.. tsk tsk..
5. Sarawak/Sabah Trip why nobody wanna go East Malaysia geh.. i felt no bad arh my last Sarawak trip T.T
6. Join Famine 30 I can't join because of work!! was outstation on that day!!
7. Register for ACCA Err.. this is purely because of my laziness.. haha..

Well, it seems like i only managed to achieve 1 out of 7 in year 2012.. what a bad year for me.. it is like scoring 14% out of 100%.. my god.. fail!!

nono.. i can't let it happen again in year 2013.. so in 2013.. what should be my wishlist neh?

Let's see..

1. Ipad Definately getting the Ipad with Retina Display after it launched in Malaysia
2. New Car my Prius C.. i am coming!
3. Krabi Trip Instead of Taiwan, I wanna go Krabi next year!
4. Sarawak/Sabah Trip still intended to go again.. haha.. somebody please?
5. Join Famine 30 hopefully next year I really can join.. apply leave earlier.. hehe..
6. Register for ACCA should be able to get it done in 2013
7. Pulau Redang Airfare booked! going on July.. hehe..
8. Get fit and slim down This seems so hard.. lolx..
9. Legoland! As a Johorian, how can i miss out the tourist spot in my own place? haha..

Hmm.. have 8 wishes set for now first.. might be adding some again in December.. haha..

Feels like watching movie or go sing k as it has been some time since the last time i stepped into cinema or K room.. but it seems like my friend are busy busy busy.. last week it was the second time I have been staying at my KL house for the whole weekend as nobody is free for a hang out.. weird huh..

my colleague suggest me to watch movie alone.. a  it would be another kind of experience.. err.. sorry but i still unable to accept it.. lolx.. but to be honest i have miss out a lot of movies i wanna watch this year.. for example Pirates in Caribbean 4, Man in Black 3,  Journey 2, John Carter, Kepong Gangster and many more.. i used to be watching at least one movie in a month.. but that was past.. =/

Oh ya.. I wanna watch Ted!! who is on? haha..
So adorable right?

It was a comedy and heard from my friend the movie contain a lot of rude words.. but who cares.. i need some laugh to light up.. hehe..

p.s. added item 9 in my wishlist.. how could i being a Johorian never though about the new tourist spot in my own place.. ok.. who is on again? haha..

Oh ya.. I just change the background song for my blog.. hehe.. it's Bruno Mars's Locked Out of Heaven.. yeah I felt like I have been locked out of heaven for too long..


Thursday, November 1, 2012


不知是不是最近听多了曲婉婷的"我的歌声里".. 昨晚的你竟然出现在我的梦境里.. 是日有所思夜有所梦吗? hmm.. 感觉不是.. 不知为何.. 没得解释..

回想过去.. 不知不觉已经过了大半年了.. 一个人的我好像还是没什么改变.. 做着同样的事.. 偶尔重重复复地听着同样的歌.. 最近的时间都好像过的很快.. 不知不觉已经来到了十一月..

十一月.. 意味着我在Audit的日子也到了11个月.. 过了这个月就是一周年啦.. 想想看这十一个月里有些什么经历呢? hmm.. 11个月.. 说起来不是很长.. 但感觉上却好像经历了很多东西.. 最大的感触应该是接触到更多的人, 看到更多的行业了吧.. 毕竟我们这份工作会要面对很多不同的人.. 不同的行业.. 看到的学到的东西可以说是比一般工作来的多吧.. 这就是Audit给的工作经验吧..

在来就是这期间体会到了人生中第一次升级了.. 虽然升级好像没什么大不了.. 但这次是我在职场上的第一次升级.. 还是蛮有感触的.. 毕竟玩游戏时升级升得多.. 职场上却是第一次.. 游戏里的升级.. 大多数代表更强.. 更厉害.. 就好像读书这样.. 越高级学的东西越多.. 但职场上也是一样吗? 不.. 完全不一样.. 职场上的升级意味着责任更加的重大.. 做事的速度要更快 (在我们Audit line 职位越高 charge out rate 也越高, 所以做事要更快些).. 必须自己去面对Partner的好像火星文那样难理解的review point和queries.. 等等的挑战.. 但相信这些挑战我都会一一击倒.. 兵来将挡.. 水来土掩.. 只是遗憾没有你分享我的感动..

遗憾没有你分享我的感动.. 所以下一个要说的经历就是感情上的挫折.. 说起来.. 你就好像"我的歌声里"所唱的"在我不知不觉中悄悄的消失".. 当初有些难以接受这事实的原因是一切对我来说都发生的太突然了.. 毕竟一直以来都好好地我们竟然也会走到了尽头.. 回想起来.. 罗马不是一天建成的.. 我们的问题也不是一朝一夕酿成的.. 毕竟毕业后的我离开了我们读书的地方.. 一个在南部一个在北部.. 虽说我基本上一个月会上去一次.. 但距离的杀伤力还真的不容小看.. 只是大刺刺的我没有发现在你心里慢慢形成的裂痕.. 想起来我们在一起的两年多里.. 吵架的次数不用一只手都算得完.. 吵"大架"的次数更是零(如果我没记错的话).. 但或许这就是我们会失败的原因之一.. 就是很多事都喜欢憋在心里.. 当然.. 距离.. 也是原因之一.. 或许今后的我不会再相信距离了..

期待着.. 下一个会让我有肩并肩一起走过那段繁华巷口.. 尽管你我是陌生人.. 是过路人.. 但彼此还是感觉到了对方的一个眼神.. 一个心跳的感觉..

十一月.. 你又有什么期望呢?


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

are you happy?

honestly.. are you happy now? if you are.. could you share some for me? =/

Tell me.. who doesn't want to have feel happy at all time? i do know that in our life we have ups and downs..  but my feel was so blue recently.. for quite a long time..

things happened for reasons.. same goes to me.. i knew what caused that.. but i am doubt that do i have the ability to overcome it now.. timing is just.. not right.. yeap.. wrong timing..

but aside from that.. i still able to show my happy face when being together with my colleagues and friends.. i will still talk a lot.. joke around.. and laugh for some jokes which shared by them.. but deep in my heart i know i am some sort of pretending.. quite pathetic huh? i can only be myself and off the mask when being together with my buddies.. but everyone seems not so free and having their own problems also.. hmm.. such a coincident.. right?

i know i sounds blue and grayish.. but i just wish that i could release it here.. sometime i just wish that i could take off the mask.. off the light.. and off to slumberland easily.. but it seems so hard for me now..

cheer me up.. would you? =/


Sunday, October 28, 2012

My wonder.. my ponder.. part 9..

Watched one short video "The Last" which produce by Wang Fu Production on one of my reading list..

Hmm.. i like the way the author who trying to relate love/relationship with 5 "w" we learn during primary school time.. who, what, when, where and why.. and i like the ending that he link all the five "w" to current one..

Frankly speaking.. there are once i though she will be "The Last" for me.. but as time goes she only left me with why.. for so much times i asked myself why..

So does it really exist nowdays..? I dunno.. there is a story saying that people in old times cherish everything they have.. what broken wasn't throw but fixed.. that is why the relationship can be last..

Anywhere.. thanks for sharing the video.. =) wish you all the best in finding your way to "The Last" that belongs with you..

We can be disappointed.. but we can't lose hope..

Good luck.. to myself.. and good night.. really have to get into sleep already or otherwise i will become more emo.. =\

Some memories are just meant to be kept..

This is gonna be a long post without any photos/picture/..

okay.. this is the "something" which i wish to write about it last Sunday.. well it all started with a massage form you which i never expect it would become truth so soon..

just a couple of weeks before.. i received you reply that.. uncle was pass away.. well.. i was blank when i knew that.. i never expect things could happen so soon.. the last time i met him was January this year and he still looks good despite for getting slimmer and hair drop after the chemotherapy..

I was shocked.. it was just like happened out of sudden.. was decided to attend the funeral to pay my last respect to uncle.. After breaking up i always wish to find a time to meet with uncle and auntie to thanks them personally for taking care of me during the time i stayed in Ipoh.. they do let me have feel of "home" as i was studying far away from home. During that time i never know or expect that, the next time i went to Ipoh is for attending funeral.. hmm..

so I contacted your besty, as i does not really want to go alone.. but too bad.. she has to work and i couldn't think of anybody else.. and was somehow in dilemma whether i should or shouldn't attend.. but in the end i still decided to go.. for not leaving myself to have a chance to regret in the future..

so after Friday's working, on saturday morning.. i was on my way to Ipoh.. a place that I would never expect to come back again so soon for such purpose.. hmm.. a few mistake happened, which caused me unable to attend the funeral.. but at least i did manage to make it to crematorium.. and i met you there.. and of course.. him.. this is the first time i met with you again since our break up in mid february.. in such incident and happening.. i guess this is just not so right.. but anywhere.. at least i make it and managed to pay my last respect to uncle..

everything happened afterward was so peace.. and i was a little bit shocked that.. you looks much more tougher than what i though.. initially i was a little bit worried for you.. but after i met with you.. i realised that my worry are just unnecessary.. afterward only i know from your besty that.. uncle has been in critical stage for few weeks back and you have a deal with him.. so i think may be you have been ready for this mentally.. but still i found it doesn't like the one i know.. well.. that is just from my point of view..

was planned to go back KL after meeting up with auntie.. but auntie keep asking my stay for lunch.. it does feel a little bit awkward to have lunch with you, auntie, your sister and him together on the same table.. but i just can't run away like that after auntie has ask me stay for lunch after a few times right? thanks to auntie for keep on chatting with me during the lunch so that i wouldn't be looking so alone and awkward.. we have endless topic before this.. but seems like distance has change it all again.. guess thing are just getting different and we need to accept the fact..

reached KL around 5pm after that.. was  so freaking tired as i doesn't have a good sleep the night before and i still need to travel to Malacca back to office to prepare for outstation thingy to JB in the following week.. but at least i am glad that i did attend..

may you rest in peace.. thanks for taking care of me during these 2 years.. =)

the following week in JB was quite hectic.. as expected.. Plastrade Technology Berhad was never easy to their Auditors.. they always thinks that Auditors are person who like to perform some stupid test and ask for explaination for no purpose.. oh come on.. you think that it is fun to perform all those test as i need to scratch my head over and over again to figure out how could i document or present it.. and this is the first time i lead the Audit team for public listed company.. for a newbie with 10 months audit experience.. it seems like a mission impossible for me.. hmm.. what to do.. haiz.. can only scratch my head again and again to figure out what queries my boss will raised if i present this way or that way..

frankly speaking.. i doesn't really like my job.. yeah it is kind of challenging and i was actually having a six month promotion which most of my colleague will have to wait at least 1 year to get promoted.. again.. for a career newbie like me.. i still not sure this is a treat or threat.. i am okay with challenges and workload.. but i just couldn't stand office politics.. especially when you get promoted so soon.. those elder staffs will start link you with politic issues.. hmm.. and life in Malacca.. is not the life that i wish to be.. this is a great place for travel.. but definately not a place for me to develop my career..

was always looking up for a change.. may be it is time for me to move to KL.. since i have a home here.. so i doesn't really need to worry much.. all i need.. is just a chance to change my current life..

still waiting for a change.. wondering when will it be..

no photos this time.. as I think that it is better for me not to post any photo.. as some memories are just meant to be kept..

Monday, October 22, 2012


Was intended to write something.. about my past week and so on.. but it was too late now and need to wake up at 7am to work later.. so..

tomorrow, maybe? haha =P

I will be back!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


曾几何时…我以为自己很了解某样东西…但原来当时间逝去…很多东西已经不像我所知道的那样了… 即使只是短短的几个月… 却已面目全非…

果然… 有些事情还是让它保留在脑海里吧… 至少不会像我现在这样地惊讶… 破坏了当初自己的美好回忆…

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smile, make it a brighter day..

Nowdays.. i dun really like my current stage of life.. as i always thought that.. my life could be better..

I has been chasing and pursuing my own dreams.. yet the reality kept disappointing me.. sometimes i do really ask myself.. am I going to continue lifestyle like this until the end of my life?

I admit.. for most of the time my mood swing easily.. it can be just something that i read that dig out the feeling or memory that i have buried it inside my brain since long ago.. yet it just being dig out like that..

But tonight it is different.. I do felt some "familiar feel" in the story i read I guess.. I couldn't explain how it really feel.. Perhaps.. that make me have the intention to record down my own feeling at this moment..

p.s. my mood gets better after i read your posts and i shall always remember to smile.. as it make a brighter day.. thanks.. ;)

Monday, October 1, 2012

2012中秋节 - Mooncake Festival 2012

今年的中秋节可以说是比较的充实.. 嗯.. 也比较有意义.. 哈哈..

星期六 (八月十四) 去了蔴坡中化中学的中秋园游会.. 这是我第一次去中化的园游会.. 老实说初初的时候是没什么想去的.. 因为当场会有很多很多人.. 想泊车都很辛苦.. 但想想下今年我总不能就这样蹉跎了我的中秋节..  所以就去咯.. 果然.. 没有后悔.. 嘻嘻..

虽然到那里时有些迟了.. 但刚刚好是整个园游会的压轴.. 原来当场有Astro本地圈在那里主持着.. 然后就是Astro最近的新星.. Geraldine颜慧萍和赵洁莹也在现场唱了几首歌.. 当然还有最近刚出的BFF咯..

不好意识有点蒙.. 毕竟当晚我没带我的相机.. 只好用手机咯..



园游会的闭幕礼是嫦娥"奔"回月宫的表演了.. 老实说要当"嫦娥"还真的需要有很大的勇气..连我是在下边观看的观众都为她捏了把冷汗.. 佩服佩服..



到达了.. 佩服佩服.. Salute!

最后最多人的地方莫过于颜慧萍和赵洁莹的简单的签名会咯.. 哈哈.. 这是我第一次出现在签名会嘞.. 当然要凑一下热闹啦..

喔.. 有些后悔没带相机了..


Close up.. sorry for blur.. =/


最后.. 来张全景照吧.. 嘻嘻..

我的小小Souvenir.. 哈哈..

虽然我不是她们的粉丝.. 但还是会支持本地创作的! 哈哈..

Hmm.. 总的来说.. 今晚还是不错的一晚.. 明年我还要再去.. 真的不得不说声:"中化.. 做得好!!" 噢.. 有少少后悔自己不是中化生了.. 哈哈..

隔天就正式是中秋节咯.. 一大清早起来就做了一件有意义的事情.. 虽然全家人都不在家.. 但无阻我去的心.. 嘻嘻.. 那就是去慈济捐血!! 中秋节捐血.. 还是我有生以来第一次.. 哈哈.. 看看下.. 才发现原来自己已经一年没捐血了.. 当年还发愿想半年就捐一次血.. 看来需要反省反省下了.. hmm..

又是右手.. 虽然想换左手但护士说血管下.. 还是右手好.. 看来没办法啦.. 以后都还是乖乖地伸出右手吧..

到了晚上去了婆婆家.. 围着桌子赏月吃月饼.. 哈哈.. 虽然不是全员到齐.. 但也已不错了.. 就享受一下天伦之乐吧.. 看着小孩在那里跑跑闹闹.. 家里还是要有些小孩子才会热闹些.. 哈哈..

这个中秋节.. 对我而言.. 是蛮特别和有意义的咯.. 月圆人圆.. hmm.. 那我几时才有机会千里共婵娟呐? 哈哈..

好啦.. 开心的都说完了.. 到了夜深人静时难免还是会有些低落.. 尤其是明天是星期一!! 又要回到工作岗位.. 有时候真的希望可以像个小孩那样.. 可以扭别不需要上学.. 哈哈.. 但还是的面对现实.. =/ 哦.. 小孩真好..

夜里真的不适合听一些比较down的歌.. 但最近真的被曲婉婷的<我的歌声里>吸引着了.. 很多人说什么心情听些什么的歌.. 真的很贴切..

这首歌我第一次听时就被它吸引着了.. 或许是自己觉得有种似曾相识的经历吧.. 收场时确实是有些突然.. 剩下的.. 只是回忆.. 你存在我深深的脑海里.. 不知几时才有机会再见呢? 又会是在什么情况下再见呢? 或许就看命运怎么样去安排吧..

夜了.. 还是静静地沉思在这首歌的旋律和曲婉婷的歌声里吧..

Monday, September 24, 2012










可是还是很讨厌星期日晚上的心情…我的星期一都很蓝啊~~ T.T

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Birthday!

生日快乐… 愿你天天快乐… =)

Monday, July 23, 2012


嗯.. 又是到了夜深人静的时候了.. 想想.. 也有好几个月没来这里溜达了.. 是最近工作特别忙吗?

有时候看看.. 发现自己大部分的时间都花在工作上了.. 周末留给自己的时间也不是很多.. 好像.. 不是很满意现在自己这样子的生活.. 老实说.. 我想要为自己做个改变.. 因为我渐渐地觉得.. 自己一个人住的生活真的很不适合我.. 每天从office回去就是对着电脑/手机.. 然后就是睡觉.. hmm..这不是我想要的生活..

工作繁忙.. 对我而言不是一个问题.. 老实说我觉得这样也不错.. 至少多东西做就代表我得到的也是一样多.. 但.. 我发现当很多东西都必须自己一人去做或者面对时.. 心.. 都是不爽的.. 或许自己从以前就了解.. 我不是一个适合独居的人..

马六甲.. 对我来说不是我想要的地方.. 老实说.. 在这里.. 我没有什么归宿感.. 自由是一定有的.. 但归属感.. 一点都没有..

所以.. 想为自己生活上做出一些改变.. 也是踏出现在的生活的第一步.. 但遗憾的是我是个risk adverse的人.. 哈哈.. 往往在没有确定某样东西之前都不会放手去做.. 想想.. 我还是我.. 哈哈..

很多时候尝试改变.. 都会给你.. 不一样的体验.. 希望这回也是一样..

Monday, May 28, 2012

你.. 怎么啦?

不知为何.. 每次看到你在面书上写了些不开心的东西.. 我心里也感觉不是滋味.. 虽然说你的喜怒哀乐已有人和你分担分享.. 但每次看到你写的东西大堆的疑问总是会涌上心头来.. 唉.. 怎么这样子呢?

还记得当初为什么我会鼓励你写部落吗? 还记得我们一起写部落的原因吗? 部落.. 其实就是希望大家能写出彼此之间的感想经历.. 毕竟有些时候.. 文字会表达地比说的还要清晰.. 还有另一个原因就是当时我知道在未来的日子里.. 我们将会面对距离的问题.. 而我也会因为工作上的忙碌.. 没办法和你一一的分享.. 毕竟有时文字加上图片.. 总是胜过千言万语.. 虽然最后我们还是没办法客服距离所带来的伤害.. 或许这也是成长的一部分吧..

直到最后.. 我也变得很少来这里了.. 毕竟你也应该很久没来了吧.. 少了你这个读者.. 其实我也是自己写给自己看.. 就当做是写些日记.. 记录自己在这个阶段的心情吧..

直到现在.. 还是蛮常到你的部落去看看.. 每次看到一样的东西.. 但却不觉得闷.. 有些我已读过几十遍了.. 但还是不腻.. 哈哈.. 毕竟那是我们共同的回忆.. 只是遗憾没办法知道你的近况..

我还放不下吗? 还好啦.. 没说放不下的.. 毕竟已经那么久了.. 只是少个能完完全全倾诉的对象.. 还是有些不习惯.. 毕竟我是很要面子的人.. 很多事.. 现在只能收在心里.. 唉..

嗯嗯.. 我也不知道.. 有时还挺矛盾的.. (摘自面子书)

还是希望有一天会好像父母常对孩子说的: "好啦.. 闹够了.. 是时候回到我身边了.." 


20.05.2012 - Broga Hill

也不记得是那一个家伙说要去Broga Hill看日出了的.. 但我们一行人就这样傻傻地早上四点多就聚在一起.. 浩浩荡荡的从KL往Broga Hill出发去.. 走走下才发现原来每个人都不是很懂路.. 只知道在Nottingham University附近罢了.. 就这样.. 我们六个家伙在没有遇到什么问题下就到达了目的地.. 其实还蛮容易找的.. 哈哈..

当时我们大概五点多六点到达Broga Hill的山脚.. 在蹉跎了几分钟后我们终于踏上了登山之路.. 哈哈.. 虽然Broga Hill不算难走.. 但对最近缺乏运动的我还是有些困难.. T.T 是时候要开始运动多一点.. 把体力练回来.. 

大概在走了四十分钟这样吧.. 我们终于都上到了第一个lookout point.. 当然少不了拍些风景照吧.. 不枉我这么辛苦带着整架相机上来..


绿油油的草地.. 还真的蛮舒服的..

不知为何.. 看到茅草就觉得想拍.. 哈哈..


也忘了是谁说来这里看日出的.. 后来来到这里才知道.. 这里是看不到日出的!!!! 杯具啊.. 真是白费了我难得只睡一个钟就起来的努力.. T.T 不过.. 和一群死党在一起.. 也值回了啦.. 哈哈..

 黄老师.. 哦不.. 黄老师已经不是老师了.. 哈哈..

 来到这里一定要自拍一下的咯.. 猜猜这两人是谁.. 哈哈..

根本就是小强的look, 许真真偏偏讲像兔子

这个才是兔子.. 还红色眼睛的嘞.. (后来去山脚附近的一个rabbit farm拍的)

在山顶上逗留了大概一个小时后我们便下山了.. 上山时没什么觉得.. 但有些路下山时好像比较困难.. 哈哈.. 毕竟这里的路不是铺好的梯级.. 有些路还蛮斜的.. 需要滑着下.. 我本人是觉得滚着下比较容易.. 但没有勇气尝试.. 哈哈..

下到山脚便到附近的Broga Town吃早餐.. 这里还是好像甘榜地区.. 骑摩托都不需要安全帽的.. 哈哈.. 家里大门也不需要关的..

 Broga Town.. 在这里还可以看到板屋嘞.. 还有着少少的古色古香..

过后去了Rabbit Farm一下下.. 老实说没什么特别.. 但不是很喜欢这里有售卖兔肉.. 想想你刚刚才喂完可爱的兔子.. 接下来就看到兔肉的售卖处.. 感觉不是很舒服咯..

好啦.. 就这样.. 我们四分之一天就花在这个小镇上了.. 哈哈.. 下回的目标是林明山(Bukit Lembing).. 那里就真的可以看到日出.. 哈哈.. 不要再摆乌龙了.. =P

最后.. 当然少不了合照咯.. 外加一张全景照 (Panorama)..


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

生 • 离 • 死 • 别

生.. 带给人家的感觉就是希望.. 生命的到来.. 往往会为一个家庭带来生气.. 和希望.. 也是一个生命的开始..

离别.. 是人生必经的路.. 天下没有不会散的宴席.. 无论多完美.. 多美好.. 都会有曲终人散的结局.. 正如失望和黑暗一样.. 没有不会停下来的绝望.. 我们人一生中来来去去会遇到多少个人呢? 不管是多少.. 都会有离别的时候..

至于死呢.. 是大多数人都不愿意面对的事情.. 对死亡.. 还是感到陌生的.. 没有人知道死后会不会有往后的世界.. 是不是真的代表一个生命的结束呢..?

那天.. 我的一位朋友的爸爸去世了.. 在丧礼上我和她聊了一些事情.. 顿时觉得很多时候.. 事情发生的真的可以很突然..

还记得上一回参加丧礼是我的大学一位朋友在金宝的瀑布发生意外.. 一位朋友就这样突然地离开了我们.. 事前一点预兆都没有.. 还记得事发前一天我还在嘛嘛档喝茶时和他打招呼.. 没想到那次却成为我们最后一次的见面..

据我那位朋友所说.. 她父亲一直以来都没什么病痛.. 那天刚巧没人在家.. 她父亲有些不舒服就回家休息.. 但就这样在躺椅上过身了.. 不久后我朋友工作回到家时才赫然发现.. 招了救护车.. 医生断定是心脏病发..

朋友的家人一时间很难接受.. 一个好好的人就这样突然离开她们了.. 这.. 真的是意想不到的.. 也让我再次的感受到生命的脆弱.. 无常..

希望那位朋友一家人可以从悲痛中恢复过来.. 也衷心的感觉到.. 嗯.. 活着真好.. 虽然人生很多不如意的事.. 但同时也是有很多很多值得我们去体验.. 去感受的事情.. 这样我们的人生才不会留下遗憾..

最后.. 为部落换上新的一首歌.. 苏打绿的.. <你在烦恼什么> 我很喜欢这首歌所带出来的意思.. 这首歌曾经陪伴我度过最近一次的低潮期.. 虽然我还没能说我完全恢复啦.. 但至少已经好很多很多了.. 谢谢有怎么一首歌.. 分享给你.. 加油!

最后的最后.. 你要坚强的继续下去哦! 你妈妈需要你们的照顾..

Sunday, April 22, 2012


我每次都说.. 每件事的发生.. 不管是好是坏.. 所有的点点滴滴都会存在记忆中.. 待我们以后回想时.. 或许又会是另一种感觉.. 这感觉.. 是否就是成长的感觉呢?

很多人都认为自己的生活好像鼓噪无味.. 每天都重复做着一样的东西.. 但却忽略了其实.. 这就是你的生活啊.. 你独一无二的生活.. 这世上是不会有两个人的生活一路下来都是一样的吧..  所以.. 我相信.. 每个人的心灵路程都是独一无二的吧..

一直很想写一篇很长很长的故事.. 但只写了前面那几段就不再写了.. 犹豫着.. 是否应该继续写下去.. 毕竟.. 有些东西.. 难以用文字去表达.. 毕竟我不是九把刀.. 哈哈...

最近我的天空都是灰蒙蒙的.. 虽然有那么几天是天晴.. 但还是阴天占多.. 其实.. 看过了不少的名言.. 不少的激励的话.. 明白.. 但却听不进去.. 不知.. 这阴天还会维持几久呢?

好吧.. 必须承认现在我的部落的歌确实会让人的心情更加的蓝.. 但歌曲是很subjective的.. 是听的人自己去诠释里面的意思.. 所以听着这首歌时的你又会有什么感觉呢?

跟你们分享一篇东西吧.. 看了觉得蛮有意思的.. 写的是这四年里.. 她对自己成长的看法.. 作者是李欣怡, 目前是八度空间的节目主持人.. (原文:






















嗯.. 想想看.. 自己这四年的成长又是什么呢? 这四年是我的大学生涯吔.. 应该是我人生最后一次可以当全职学生的生活了吧.. 以后还是要继续当学生.. 但只可以是兼职学生.. 唉.. 感叹感叹.. 但.. 人总是要成长的吧..

你.. 这四年里.. 又有些什么成长回忆呢?

Thursday, April 12, 2012


哈.. 最近不知发起了什么神经.. 看了报纸后就很突然的说要去这个小镇.. 虽然已经不是第一次突然做了某样决定.. 但至少.. 这回我实现它了.. 实现了自己突然想要做的东西..

石文丁(Segenting).. 一个坐落在峇株巴辖(Batu Pahat)的小渔村.. 一个默默无名而且又不好玩的小镇.. 我又怎么会突然有兴趣去呢?

老实说我自己也不知道.. 就纯粹是一时兴起吧.. 但我却没后悔来到这里.. 先说地形.. 石文丁是一座渔村.. 当然要靠海或河才可以成为渔村吧.. 但.. 从峇株巴辖市区来到这里的路程却是要上山的.. 试想想看.. 上山的路竟然可以带你来到海边.. 真的是海边呐.. 因为那天在石文丁海边不远处可以看到那种大型的送货邮轮.. 这感觉.. 真的很奇妙.. 明明是上山的路.. 却到了海边..

还记得那天到了峇株巴辖时下起了很大很大的雨.. 由于去石文丁的路是山路.. 的确有令我打消继续下去的念头.. 心里想着.. "哇.. 要酱对我么? 最近已经够倒霉了.. 诸事不顺了.. 就连想去个小小的城镇也不行吗?真的真的很不开心.."

但。。 还好那场大雨在半小时后转小了.. 才让我重新看到曙光.. 嘻嘻..

 来到石文丁.. 肯定会到这里的大伯公庙里拜拜先.. 哈哈


 大伯公庙后的海边屋.. 这里的居民没出海是就在屋里打麻将.. 我来的那天就有几名uncle围在一起打麻将..

 海连天.. 天连海.. 此时此刻的风景..是多么的迷人.. 加上刚刚才下过雨.. 这天色.. 带出了我心里的那点蓝蓝的感觉..

 没有模特啦.. 只好暂时拿我妹来充当.. 哈哈... 感觉还不错吧.. 

其实还有许多照片的.. 但现在几点啦!! 还不睡明天不用上班了咯.. 

最近不知怎么的.. 很多事情都不象我想像中的顺利.. 无论是在事业.. 或感情上.. 二十出头的男子.. 面对的就是这几样问题吧.. 哈哈.. 很遗憾这时没你在我身边陪我度过艰难的时刻.. 以及分享我的点点滴滴.. 我是一个善于伪装的人.. 很少会把真面目赤裸裸的摊在人家的面前.. 所以有时想想.. 没了你这个倾述的对象.. 日子总有些难过..

闭上眼进倒数一分钟.. 每次都在三四十秒时张开眼睛.. 原来不开心的时间都这么的难过.. 开心的时候却觉得太短太快..

人总是对的不到的或失去的东西耿耿于怀吗? hmm.. 值得深思.. 我不奢求什么.. 只但愿有人.. 可以当我唯一的听众.. 啊不.. 是唯一的听者.. 一个而已又那会是听众呢? 对不对? 我是个不大会表达自己的人.. 就连死党.. 家人都不会知道我心里100%的想法.. 只对你说.. (想起了林俊杰的歌)

希望.. 可以找到我的听者兼我的模特儿.. 

突然有些想念金马伦的风景.. 好想.. 有时间时可以回去那里拍照.. 有没有人愿意做我的模特儿呢? 哈哈.. 

最后的最后.. 希望你快乐.. 我也能找回属于我自己的快乐.. 缘分啊.. 缘分.. 为什么你变成了正方形呢?? (没缘/圆)