Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smile, make it a brighter day..

Nowdays.. i dun really like my current stage of life.. as i always thought that.. my life could be better..

I has been chasing and pursuing my own dreams.. yet the reality kept disappointing me.. sometimes i do really ask myself.. am I going to continue lifestyle like this until the end of my life?

I admit.. for most of the time my mood swing easily.. it can be just something that i read that dig out the feeling or memory that i have buried it inside my brain since long ago.. yet it just being dig out like that..

But tonight it is different.. I do felt some "familiar feel" in the story i read I guess.. I couldn't explain how it really feel.. Perhaps.. that make me have the intention to record down my own feeling at this moment..

p.s. my mood gets better after i read your posts and i shall always remember to smile.. as it make a brighter day.. thanks.. ;)

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