Tuesday, October 30, 2012

are you happy?

honestly.. are you happy now? if you are.. could you share some for me? =/

Tell me.. who doesn't want to have feel happy at all time? i do know that in our life we have ups and downs..  but my feel was so blue recently.. for quite a long time..

things happened for reasons.. same goes to me.. i knew what caused that.. but i am doubt that do i have the ability to overcome it now.. timing is just.. not right.. yeap.. wrong timing..

but aside from that.. i still able to show my happy face when being together with my colleagues and friends.. i will still talk a lot.. joke around.. and laugh for some jokes which shared by them.. but deep in my heart i know i am some sort of pretending.. quite pathetic huh? i can only be myself and off the mask when being together with my buddies.. but everyone seems not so free and having their own problems also.. hmm.. such a coincident.. right?

i know i sounds blue and grayish.. but i just wish that i could release it here.. sometime i just wish that i could take off the mask.. off the light.. and off to slumberland easily.. but it seems so hard for me now..

cheer me up.. would you? =/


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