Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some memories are just meant to be kept..

This is gonna be a long post without any photos/picture/..

okay.. this is the "something" which i wish to write about it last Sunday.. well it all started with a massage form you which i never expect it would become truth so soon..

just a couple of weeks before.. i received you reply that.. uncle was pass away.. well.. i was blank when i knew that.. i never expect things could happen so soon.. the last time i met him was January this year and he still looks good despite for getting slimmer and hair drop after the chemotherapy..

I was shocked.. it was just like happened out of sudden.. was decided to attend the funeral to pay my last respect to uncle.. After breaking up i always wish to find a time to meet with uncle and auntie to thanks them personally for taking care of me during the time i stayed in Ipoh.. they do let me have feel of "home" as i was studying far away from home. During that time i never know or expect that, the next time i went to Ipoh is for attending funeral.. hmm..

so I contacted your besty, as i does not really want to go alone.. but too bad.. she has to work and i couldn't think of anybody else.. and was somehow in dilemma whether i should or shouldn't attend.. but in the end i still decided to go.. for not leaving myself to have a chance to regret in the future..

so after Friday's working, on saturday morning.. i was on my way to Ipoh.. a place that I would never expect to come back again so soon for such purpose.. hmm.. a few mistake happened, which caused me unable to attend the funeral.. but at least i did manage to make it to crematorium.. and i met you there.. and of course.. him.. this is the first time i met with you again since our break up in mid february.. in such incident and happening.. i guess this is just not so right.. but anywhere.. at least i make it and managed to pay my last respect to uncle..

everything happened afterward was so peace.. and i was a little bit shocked that.. you looks much more tougher than what i though.. initially i was a little bit worried for you.. but after i met with you.. i realised that my worry are just unnecessary.. afterward only i know from your besty that.. uncle has been in critical stage for few weeks back and you have a deal with him.. so i think may be you have been ready for this mentally.. but still i found it doesn't like the one i know.. well.. that is just from my point of view..

was planned to go back KL after meeting up with auntie.. but auntie keep asking my stay for lunch.. it does feel a little bit awkward to have lunch with you, auntie, your sister and him together on the same table.. but i just can't run away like that after auntie has ask me stay for lunch after a few times right? thanks to auntie for keep on chatting with me during the lunch so that i wouldn't be looking so alone and awkward.. we have endless topic before this.. but seems like distance has change it all again.. guess thing are just getting different and we need to accept the fact..

reached KL around 5pm after that.. was  so freaking tired as i doesn't have a good sleep the night before and i still need to travel to Malacca back to office to prepare for outstation thingy to JB in the following week.. but at least i am glad that i did attend..

may you rest in peace.. thanks for taking care of me during these 2 years.. =)

the following week in JB was quite hectic.. as expected.. Plastrade Technology Berhad was never easy to their Auditors.. they always thinks that Auditors are person who like to perform some stupid test and ask for explaination for no purpose.. oh come on.. you think that it is fun to perform all those test as i need to scratch my head over and over again to figure out how could i document or present it.. and this is the first time i lead the Audit team for public listed company.. for a newbie with 10 months audit experience.. it seems like a mission impossible for me.. hmm.. what to do.. haiz.. can only scratch my head again and again to figure out what queries my boss will raised if i present this way or that way..

frankly speaking.. i doesn't really like my job.. yeah it is kind of challenging and i was actually having a six month promotion which most of my colleague will have to wait at least 1 year to get promoted.. again.. for a career newbie like me.. i still not sure this is a treat or threat.. i am okay with challenges and workload.. but i just couldn't stand office politics.. especially when you get promoted so soon.. those elder staffs will start link you with politic issues.. hmm.. and life in Malacca.. is not the life that i wish to be.. this is a great place for travel.. but definately not a place for me to develop my career..

was always looking up for a change.. may be it is time for me to move to KL.. since i have a home here.. so i doesn't really need to worry much.. all i need.. is just a chance to change my current life..

still waiting for a change.. wondering when will it be..

no photos this time.. as I think that it is better for me not to post any photo.. as some memories are just meant to be kept..

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