Sunday, October 28, 2012

My wonder.. my ponder.. part 9..

Watched one short video "The Last" which produce by Wang Fu Production on one of my reading list..

Hmm.. i like the way the author who trying to relate love/relationship with 5 "w" we learn during primary school time.. who, what, when, where and why.. and i like the ending that he link all the five "w" to current one..

Frankly speaking.. there are once i though she will be "The Last" for me.. but as time goes she only left me with why.. for so much times i asked myself why..

So does it really exist nowdays..? I dunno.. there is a story saying that people in old times cherish everything they have.. what broken wasn't throw but fixed.. that is why the relationship can be last..

Anywhere.. thanks for sharing the video.. =) wish you all the best in finding your way to "The Last" that belongs with you..

We can be disappointed.. but we can't lose hope..

Good luck.. to myself.. and good night.. really have to get into sleep already or otherwise i will become more emo.. =\

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