Saturday, February 26, 2011

of VIVA presentation 25/2/2011

Today was the day..! all the hard work in this one year lead us to today.. haha.. sounds likes im overstated that.. but its true.. because today was the VIVA presentation for our research..! which has conducted since last year.. hehe..

so.. this is what we all did before the VIVA start.. =.=

Of course have to iron shirt first la.. lolx..

So once finish the ironing work.. we proceed to.. ta dang!!

 The presenters!!


The examiners.. (Miss Theresa at left and Ms Low at the right)

 Introducing the first presenter.. Mr Liew!! lolx

Second presenter.. Ms Ng...!

The third presenter.. Ms Hee..!

 Followed by Ms. Tang!!

 While waiting for my turn.. this photo is took.. and then only i realized OMG i look so damn fat..! haha.. time to have some plan over it.. =(

 And the last presenter and also terminator.. Me!! =P

and lastly.. Group photo..! hehe..

was quite satisfied with our performance.. no major critiques or questions from both examiner.. and i think we have performing quite well.. haha.. give a clap to all ourself.. *clap clap clap* =P

thanks to all my fellow groupmates, Song, Vic, Zhen, Qiu Ping for all the effort that we put in this research.. and also.. of course special thanks to my little gal yan yee for spending time with us taking photo and support support us.. hehe.. love you lots.. xD

gonna sleep soon ler.. having 2 replacement class tomorrow (or later to be more accurately).. so damn boring er... saturday still have to attend class.. T.T


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