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EH 52

Building a house for orang asli family in just three days? How could this be possible? This is the first thing came through my mind when I heard about the EPIC Home Project through Berjaya Youth in year 2014. I missed the first B.Youth – EPIC Homes build in Gombak due to my oversea assignment, so when I heard about the 2nd B. Youth – EPIC Homes build in Gopeng, I signed myself up without second though and so, I became part of the awesome team!

Our mission impossible (i’m possible) took place in Kampung Ulu Geruntum from 29th May 2015 to 31st May 2015. We gathered at Berjaya Times Square Hotel at 5:30 a.m. and depart for our awesome mission. We reached Gopeng town at approximately 8:30 a.m. where we transferred to two lorries (as the bus is unable to enter the build site) and guess what, the ride is awesome! With the cooling breeze and tree branches / leaves to dodge, this is the first time of my life travelling on the back of the lorry.
After leaving our belongings and baggage in the Gopeng Rainforest Resort (where we will be staying for 2 nights), we jumped to the lorry-back again and travelled deeper into the orang asli settlement. This is the first time I saw the house of Roni and Nito, and what surprised me was there are smokes came out from the roof of the house. Apparently the family was cooking inside the house and due to improper air flow design, the smokes came out from the roof, as if the house is on fire.

We were briefed by our Master Builder, Jon Ming and assigned into respective groups (Structure 1, Structure 2, Wall, Floor and Roof). I was assigned as part of the wall team and met my awesome teammate, Sabrina, Choong Fu, Chia Yi, Nicholas, Qi Jie, Jeremine, Arunn and our specialist, Raymond who is allergic to slow-ner. As part of the wall team, our main task is build outer walls with Shera boards, windows which we made during Builder Basics Workshop, the Shera boards frame and 1 by 6 wood.

Day 1- Where the build site is still empty

First we started with building the Shera boards frames. It is not that easy as I thought at first. We need to measure and cut the 2 by 2 woods, screw it together to make the outer frames and screw the Shera boards in between. Any errors in measurement would cause the wood / Shera board unusable. Besides, you would have to juice your brain for solution as some the woods were bent by nature. Of course we made some mistake at first but after a while we are all good at it.

End of Day 1 - Where the structure has been installed

We have been ahead of the schedule from start, until it’s started to rain in day two’s afternoon around 4:30 p.m., which has hinder us from continue our jobs as the power tools are unable to be used under the rain. Plus, all of us were soaked and have to travel under the rain to the resort. The rain might be heavy, but it couldn’t extinguish the fire in our heart! Worried for failing behind the schedule, I am glad and proud that all of us agreed to start working as earlier as 7 a.m. on the third day to catch up with the time we loss due to rain without hesitation.

Start of day 3 - No photos on day 2 as the build is abruptly ended by rain

Third day was the most challenging day as the rain is upon us again in the afternoon around 2 p.m., but it could never extinguish our ambition. In fact, I think the rain has boosted us for more keen to finish it on time. With everybody is fired-up, finally the last piece of roof sheet was fixed by the roof team at around 7:00 p.m. and that symbolic we managed to finish the house in time! What an accomplishment to me, for finishing a house in just 3 days! After the photos, wefie and selfie session, we departed back to the resort for dinner, debrief and travelled back to Berjaya Times Square Hotel and that is the time we all fare good-bye.

End of Day 3 - where everybody is so exciting!

Here are some of the photos taken from my friends facebook (See credits before photos)

(Photos from B.Youth! Official facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/berjayayouth)

We are transferred into the back of lorries.. just like "卖猪仔" (human trafficking)

Short briefing by Master Builder, Jon Ming

Yes, We did it Again!

The crazy structure 1 team

The Chicken in Kitchen structure 2 team

The "allergic to slow-ner" wall team (and yes the team where I belong)

The floor team where we are "stepping" on

The roof team! where we have our "cover" from

You! Yes you! We hope you to join us in coming build!

(Photos taken from Kalpana's Facebok album)

Construction in progress

This is how we get up to the lorry's back

Team Cheer!

(Photo taken from Rachel)

The house of Roni's family currently staying.

(Photo taken from Sabirna's Facebook album)

Lorry's wefie!

Human trafficking in process..

I felt really honoured to be part of the team and working together with these extraordinary people. From strangers to teammate that work together, yelling at each other for power tools and finally felt hard for bidding farewell, this meaningful build has not only built a house for Nito’s family, it also bonding us together and the orang asli family too. This build (EH 52) is the first build in my life, but definitely it wouldn’t be the last. And for people out there, please do not hesitate to involve yourself in this extraordinary activities! Who are we? We are “Extraordinary People Impacting Community” (EPIC) and we opted to “Be the Difference” (B. Youth!)

~ vincent1990

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