Friday, January 1, 2016

Bye 2015, Hi 2016

So finally 2015 has comes to an end.. what will happen in 2016?

Finally 2015 is over and we are now in 2016.. Wow time flies without us noticing.

Let's recall any significant event happened around me this year... lets see..
  1. Traveled to Sri Lanka for the first time of my life, learned some Sinhala (Sinhalese language) and also their culture.
  2. Proud to be one of the member of EPIC Homes builders to build a house for the Orang Asli family! the best achievement in helping the community in my life so far! Hopefully more to come next this year!
  3. Joined Bersih rally for the first time in my life! felt great Bersih 4 ended peacefully.. and proud for all the Malaysian who stood up, gather hand-in-hand to say no to corruption, power abusing and etc. Even though the rally doesn't bring much effect on the current situation, at least deep in my heart I knew we Malaysian will still stand still and united against corruption.
  4. Traveled to HangZhou (杭州) and YangZhou (扬州) for the first time. Seen the truly beautiful scenery of JiangNan (江南) and HangZhou Westlake (杭州西湖). Tried authentic YangZhou Fried Rice (扬州炒饭), well in my opinion it's quite similar with what we had in Malaysia..
  5. Attended lots of friends' wedding, but it's the first time I became "JiMui" ("Sister" for the bride) for one my friend who always like a Sister to me during my Uni time. Haha.
Well that's all I guess. Overall it's not a good year as I wished to be but I am gladful for what I have. Moving forward to 2016, no new year resolution will be listed as I am just gonna repeat it again and again each year (how sad), but here are some of the things I expected to get it done:-

  1. Tender from my current job on the next Monday as I'm starting my new job starting the following week. Well this simply mean I need to forgo my promotion to Assistant Manager in Berjaya Group, but the new offer is just simply irresistible for me. So wish me good luck for a new environment.
  2. Own a place which I would call home in KL.Finally started to get my first property. Well hope everything go smooth. Wish me luck on this too. Hehe..
These are the things which I can think of now, of course there are plenty more plans but these two would be my priority as at now. Others are not that significant and the outlook for coming year is not so optimistic, so should take it step-by-step. As I always said, "Hope for the best, plan for the worst!"

Lastly.. 2016, please be good to me! =P

~ v1nc3nt90