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Beautiful Kota Kinabalu - Day 3

Finally.. after delay for such a long time.. here it goes my third day in beautiful Kota Kinabalu.. hehe.. sorry for my laziness.. 

Woke up at 6 am in the morning.. 6 am in Kota Kinabalu is just like 7 something in Peninsular Malaysia.. planned to take sunrise photos but too bad.. the sun was already rise when I woke up.. so.. guess i will just let photos tell the story? haha.. a great day usually starts with a great breakfast.. and there is goes our

the sun already rise at this level even though it is just 6:40 am..

another shot..

Good morning Mount Kinabalu..

shot at 7:00 am... best time to shot Mount Kinabalu from ground as it is covered by clouds most of the time during daytime..

people always said a great morning usually starts with great breakfast.. so here are my great breakfast! hehe.. breakfast provided by the inn operator..

I think this is consider great already in the middle of the mountain.. since we can't really find anything to eat around here..

so after breakfast it is travelling time again.. so what is my next destination??

Here it goes! Kinabalu Park! paid RM3 for the entrance fee.. this is one of the gathering point for Mount Kinabalu challengers!

here is the map and floor plan..

the scenery..

Mount Kinabalu view from the park.. see.. the mount was covered by the clouds..

and when it comes to 9:00 am something.. it is almost time for those challengers to start their journey.. so good luck bro! expecting great photos from you.. hehe..

the challenger's pass..

there are always hi and bye in our journey of life.. so after saying good bye to bro and friends and it is time for me to continue my journey.. so the next stop will be??

no no.. i did not turn upside down to take this photo.. this is the upside down house! Rumah terbalik.. which means everything is upside down.. even the furnitures and decoration inside the house are also upside down.. too bad it is prohibited to take photos inside.. as a good tourist i shall not break the rules.. hehe..

knock knock.. anybody home??

while waiting for the tour for visiting the house, there is another attraction at there too.. the upside down Kancil! bearing a Johor registered plate.. haha..

so this is it.. the upside down Kancil!

Front view..

a peek to inside of the car..

so after the tour.. we exit from back door and look, there is a bicycle there! overall it is not a bad place to visit for only RM10 entrance fee..

upside down garden.. but I feel it is just like hanging pots.. =P

"Hi imma Spider man.." hahaha..

this is how it looks like actually..

pray and remembering MH370.. can spot my signature?

Okay! so it is almost time for me to back to Kota Kinabalu town as it is almost time for me to return the rented car.. saw this beautiful mosque on my way back so decided to give it a visit..

the mosque is surrounded by an man made lake.. which is located near to beach.. a beautiful spot..

After visiting mosque I also managed to visit a Buddist temple.. hehe..

sad to see this reminder.. but it is true.. it is not safe to put bags in car.. even recycle bags with worthless things inside..

wish for everything also merry!

Managed to return the rented car after visited the temple.. have my lunch in the town.. talked to random people who sit in the same table as me during lunch time.. he was impressed that i travelled alone here.. haha.. actually i am not that brave.. i just wanted to experience it.. after lunch walked my way to Suria Sabah for a cup of Starbucks before heading to the airport.. planned to take the bus to airport at 4:00 pm so I have at least 2 hours to sit in Starbucks.. hmm..

managed to get on the bus to Kota Kinabalu Internaltional Airport (KKIA) at 4:00 something.. saw an alone old uncle was in the bus too.. the bus stop.. and suddenly he shouted in English and asked "are we at Airport already?" nobody answer.. so decided to tell the uncle that no we are still in the bus terminal.. bus only departing at 4:30pm.. the uncle did not say anything after that..

i was observing the uncle on the journey.. then only i noticed that he is blind.. surprisingly, he is travelling alone to the airport with public transport! I notified the uncle when we reached KKIA, offer to help him to get down the bus but he refused and saying he can handle himself.. but when both of us get from the bus he is asking me to lead him to Air Asia check-in terminal.. so without thinking much i guided him to the terminal.. helped him with the check in.. only noticed that the is from Hong Kong and his flight is two days later.. told him.. and he replied he knew in cantonese.. he just wanted to get the check in done today and print the boarding pass.. he is going back to KK town after checking in.. i was stunned.. i mean.. he purposely come this far just to check in a flight which departs after two days.. and most importantly he is blind and all alone..

so after checking in and print out the boarding pass.. lead him to the bus terminal back to town.. the next bus to KK town is only available in 5:00 pm and my flight is 5:15pm.. so no choice i have to leave him alone.. guided him to public seat and notify the airport staffs to guide him when the bus was here.. chatted with for a while.. knowing he is coming to Kota Kinabalu for some conference.. saying nobody is free to help him here so he came here all alone.. i was truly surprised and impressed by him.. it is 4:45 pm now and i need to enter the gate already.. told him about that and the arrangement with the airport staff.. he smile and thanks me for that.. but this is the only thing i can do for that uncle..

pass through the boarding gate and wait for my flight.. flight was slightly delay.. spot this private jet.. i wonder who it belongs to..

finally boarded the plane.. and the sky is getting darker..

interesting advertisement.. i like the concept of "Jason Lo's floating head" i will sure kick him far away if he came.. haha..

Finally, we are departing back to Kuala Lumpur..

took this photo in the air.. good bye.. beautiful Kota Kinabalu.. i will be back..

One of the reason i like to travel during night time is that when we are in 30,000 feet above the sea level.. we have the perfect view of shining stars and moon in the sky.. really beautiful.. it is almost impossible to have such beautiful view when you are on the ground..

Reached LCCT at around 9 pm something.. back to home around at 11:00 pm..

and here it goes my third and last day of my Kota Kinabalu trip.. one trip decided to go just in time.. a great experience.. "YOLO - you only live once" experience.. hehe..

- ENDING of Beautiful Kota Kinabalu Trip -

To be continue in China Trip which travelled during 06.07.2014 to 20.07.2014.

~ vinc3nt90

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