Saturday, October 18, 2014

so what are you waiting for?

saw this from one of my friend's facebook page..

the translation is:

The probability of failed in confess is 70%

The probability of regret in getting a tattoo is 80%

The probability of being together again after broke up is 83%.. but only 3% of them lasting till the end

The probability of your boyfriend having affair with your besties is 85%

The probability of failure in distance relationship is 90%

And lastly

The probability of death is 100%

so if you are worried, you don't have to do anything..

It simply means failing rate seem to be high.. but nothing can be higher then the fact we human would die one day.. so what for you are worrying this much? just do it and go ahead! you never know you might be the minority? so what are you waiting for?

~ vincent90

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