Friday, October 17, 2014

New Year Resolution Progress??

It has been a long time since I last update my blog.. wanted to share lots of though.. but limited time to write.. hmm.. may be I should improve my time management skill? haha..

time flies like lightning strike.. it has been October already.. and now it is about time to review my new year resolutions for the year.. and how much i have achieved so far?

Let's see....

Career... i am getting more and more busy recently.. more and more workload since my job scope changed on August.. well.. i guess this is the good sign indicating i am in the right way to achieve my target.. one of the new year resolution for year 2014.. hehe..

hmm.. but my keep fit resolution seems like no improvement at all.. although i started to hit the gym again.. arh.. felt so demotivated.. and lazy.. i have sacrifice 2 hours a day to spend on that.. but still can's see the effect yet.. hope i would have the determination to continue.. no no no.. gotta be positive.. perseverance! I must endure to achieve my another resolution..

Next one.. self-development.. i have yet to enrol myself for CPA.. total failure.. arh................

had my very first solo trip to Sabah earlier this year.. and went to China for working and travelling during July.. but i wish to go for another solo trip again.. and this time.. oversea trip perhaps?

Oh ya.. and i met this girl again recently.. she has been a topic of us among colleagues.. well i guess thisis due to our Department has serious imbalance problem in gender mix.. and so far like every guys are talking about her whenever there is a chance of meeting her in any occasion.. haha.. we first met her in May this year.. well.. i must admit i don't really interested in her at that time although she has been our gossip topic after the training.. but until recently i met her again in another occasion.. and I also don't sure why i would have this thinking but i just felt like want to know her more.. she is always joy.. putting smile on her face.. and always there to lend a helping hand..

So far the progress has been in a good way.. at least now we have exchanged our contact number and have a few chatting session.. and she even introduced me to some of her friends.. but the more i proceed.. the more i worried.. somehow i felt like she is not available anymore.. hmm.. i don't really know why i will felt this way.. she is just like an angel and i believe there should be a guardian angel out there for her.. i hope i was wrong but to be frank to myself.. my sixth sense is somehow quite accurate.. i am soooooo eagerly to know.. but doesn't sure how or where to start.. "friendzoned" is such a scary word..

taking this year into account.. i think i have been single for at least 3 years.. and this is part of my new year resolution too if i was not wrong.. haha.. anywhere.. wish my luck please and for the first time of my life how badly i wish i am wrong.. hahaha..

well.. i guess that summarised my new year resolution so far.. besides my own dedication and determination.. luck is another important factor in achieving my resolutions.. so again.. wish me luck!!!! hehe..

~ vincent90

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