Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Optimistic vs Reality

Yeap, I knew I hope this would be a positive post from my previous posting, but well.. sorry! it seems to me that this will be another grumpy, negative post, hopefully it will be ended after tonight.

I wished for a change. I really really did and I have put in much efforts in it. Notwithstanding that efforts have been put in, but the result is simply not just as what I expected.

I tried to be optimistic, but each and every time the reality just turn me into pessimistic. That feeling sucks right?

At least I tried and there is nothing to lose? I though to myself. Yet, the result still matters to me. I noticed that I tend to isolate myself during this period in order to spread the negative feeling around.

It is harder than I though and somehow I think I failed that. Even people around me senses that something is not right in me. May be I was never a good pretender as I though. I just wrote whatever I felt on my face although I am trying hard to hide the disappointment.

lead me please!

~ v1nc3nt90


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Michael Nieto said...

Keep your head up man, the post before this is deep, and says a lot of truth. Never give up, I could really relate, but I can see that you don't give up easily. I know this was an old post, but I still really enjoyed it. Haha sorry I am writing all these comments, don't mean to be a freak. Anyway, have a good day!

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

This is both optimistic AND reality, earthling!!! Im an NDE and I saw what few others have seen!!! Git outta your worship of Buddha; he's totally worldly and satanic. Put your total trust in Jesus. ALONE. ALWAYS. And He'll raise YOU to Seventh-Heaven, too. DOES NOT matter if you're a Mailay man. Jesus accepts everyone.

1. You love God Almighty alone?
the Trinity? 3 in 1???
2. You love everyone else,
putting their lives
AHEAD of your own?
And you perish in that state?
Cya soon...

amira reda said...

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