Monday, February 10, 2014

Be Positive! 正能量!

Even me myself are unsure about how long my mood is in deep blue.. one month? two month? or longer? I don't really remember.. Indeed.. Life is not easy for me in recent months especially end of December last year and January.. But I have made a promise to myself.. this would not last long.. and I am glad I am started to get over it..

I do spend time on wondering and thinking about relationship between human.. every journey, every meeting, every relationship is a new experience for me.. and beyond every story.. I believe I do gain something from that..

Knowing you is like exploring in another chapter of my life.. although we are not getting along in the end of the story.. but I really do cherish you as a friend for now.. simplicity.. this is what you taught me.. you taught me that we do not need to be complicated between people.. accepting and interacting with open heart.. I used to be cautious when comes to friendship as I really do not want things to be happen again.. but you have prove me wrong by your own action.. somehow you change me.. even though not fully changed..

Jumping out from friend zone is the thing I always wish for.. but no more.. I never expect myself could let it go so easily or so soon.. but I guess I am do have my mind prepared for this during my blue time.. the only thing I regretted is that I could not accept the fact earlier.. which caused the outburst and wrong-saying that day.. which put our friendship on as the cost.. and it does not worth it at all..

As for now.. I realised that letting go sometime is not a bad thing.. determination and persistence could fail and hurt even more sometimes.. it is about happiness of both parties.. It really doesn't worth that when your persistence has hurt somebody and even yourself in the end.. The story does not need to be ended like this..

I really hope we could still be friends after all the memory we have together.. Can we? and I really thank you for inspire me to be positive!


就连我自己也忘了自己到底纠结了多久.. 心情坏了多久.. 一个月? 两个月? 还是更久? 我自己都不知道.. 我发现自己的生活在去年十二月尾和今年一月真的很差.. 很不顺利.. 但我对自己做出承诺.. 这个情况不会持久.. 而现在的我也很高兴.. 这一切已经过去了..

有时候我会花很多时间在想人与人之间的关系.. 对我而言每一段旅程.. 每一段见面.. 每一段关系都是一个新的体验.. 我相信在每一段故事的背后我都会体会到一些前所未有的体验..

认识了你就好像是我人生的另一章.. 虽然到最后我们没能够在一起.. 但现在的我很珍惜你这个朋友.. 简单.. 就是你教会我的.. 你教会我人与人之间相处不许要太复杂.. 而是打开心房谈心.. 我之前在友谊方面都会比较小心.. 毕竟不想要历史重演.. 但你却用实际行动来证明我的想法是错的.. 无论如何.. 你确实改变了我.. 虽然不是全部.. 但确已有所变..

之前我一直想从你我朋友圈中更进一步.. 但现在却不再了.. 我没想到自己会那么快放下你.. 我想.. 这是因为之前不开心的时候已经有了心理准备吧.. 而现在我后悔的事只有当时没早点接受现实.. 而这也导致我那天的失言说错话.. 并让我们之间的友谊付出了代价.. 对我而言是多么的不值.. 但后悔已经太迟了..

现在我意识到放下有时并不是坏事.. 有时候决心和坚持到最后只会造成更大的伤害.. 何况.. 这是两个人的快乐.. 当决心和坚持造成伤害时一点都不值得.. 只是伤害别人.. 也伤害了自己.. 故事的最后原本不需要以这种方式来结束..

我真的希望我们还是可以以朋友的身份继续交往.. 毕竟我们都曾经拥有过一段不错的记忆.. 还可以吗? 而我也衷心感谢你带给我的正能量!


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