Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thank you.. =)

Sometimes.. things just happened unexpectedly but it do not have to be bad.. it was an unexpected dinner with you.. a meal together with you after that incident.. and it is like 2 weeks ago? well.. forgot about the bad things happened.. the most important thing is that.. Finally I am able to put smiles on your face again.. =)

It was an unexpected dinner call from you.. since I did not expect that you will ask me for dinner.. and waited me patiently for at least 40 minutes due to the unexpected stupid traffic jam.. the only thing i hate about this city.. =( really sorry for that..

Decided to have dinner at Journal Plan B, Publika and this place has been in one of the places in my list to bring you.. really glad that you like this place much.. and we actually did chat a lot.. and some catch up for the time when we did not really talk to each other.. we chat... we laughed.. and everything seems to be getting better for us tonight..

here is the menu.. when life gives you lemons, made lemonade! haha..

 As always.. a bottle of complimentary water..

 Buttermilk fried chicken..

Club sandwiches.. 

I realised that human will only learned to treasure something when they lost that.. and this applied on me too.. i really really cherish the time to be together with you.. hopefully things would be getting better and better for us.. and I really appreciate for the night.. thank you.. =)


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