Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Journey.. 一路有你..

I know this movie has been playing for quite sometimes already.. but I only managed to watch it today.. and this is the second time I watch movie in the cinema alone.. yeap.. for the second time.. what to do.. nobody accompany then you will have to do it yourself.. haha..

okay back to the topic.. if you ask me how was the movie.. I would definitely recommend this movie.. it is not like ordinary love story which talked about the relationship between a couple.. but the also family and friendship.. I am not gonna telling about the story line as I believe most of you have already watch it or hear it from somewhere else..

is first impression really that important? in the movie Benji and Uncle Chuan did not get along well.. and their first impression to each other was really bad.. but all these have changed when they went for delivering the wedding invitation on a national wide journey.. another part i love Malaysian movie is that all the scenes are so familiar to me.. and also the language.. our very own Malaysia rojak language.. and I don't think you will be able to hear this somewhere else..

I love the moment when they are working together and flew the hot air balloon in the school.. it is all about chasing dreams.. it is their childhood dreams to flew the hot air balloon.. and no matter how impossible it might sounds.. they are still going for it.. i felt really touch when the hot air balloon was successfully lunched and flew in the air.. it is like i am in one of them too..

after this movie i felt im really a sentimental person.. haha.. does not sure whether this is good or bad.. but i do noticed there is some of the changes in me.. just now when i was walking around the shopping center after the movie.. i went into Popular and bought myself a book to read.. and trust me.. this is something i would not have done in the past.. and of course.. the thought of watching movie alone was never appear in my life before this also.. i not sure whether the influential by her is good or bad for me.. but at least in this moment i am happy with this.. is this part of the "compromise" too? haha..

the movie cover.. 

by the way.. after watching this movie.. i starting to have though to visit place and event in this movie.. although i have been to some of the places but i still wish i could revisit them again which includes Cameron Highland, Chew Jetty, Kedah and Johor Bahru's Annual Parade (柔佛古庙游神).. wait me! hehe..


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